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Auto Stop offers a wide range of auto maintenance, repair, and clean-up services to our regular clientele. We pride ourselves in providing expert engine maintenance techniques while utilizing cutting edge technology and hassle free customer service paired with upfront, honest, and flat-rate pricing to help you sleep at night.



The bad news is break damage occurs suddenly and can leave effects instantly. The good news is our certified break restoration technicians are at your beck and call, around-the-clock, whenever you need them. We carry state of the are equipment to fix your break pads as quickly as possible.


Over the years, we have developed and maintained a hard-earned reputation as excellent mechanics, adept in a wide array of projects. But perhaps it is our client-centered approach to every project - large or small - that has led to our industry-leading status.



With over two decades and three generations of work within the auto industry, it's safe to say we’ve earned quite the reputation for being the premier solution in the field. Beginning a auto maintenance or repair project can be daunting - which is why choosing the right partner for your project is so important.



Mechanics are a critical part of every car. They ensure cohesiveness, focus your ambition, foster your visions, and ultimately understand the demands, technicalities, and intricacies specific to your car. Depending on the project, they may even act as a mediator between you and every professional involved in your automobile life cycle.


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